Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RSA Animate Video

I really liked this video about the problem with education in schools. I think there definately needs to be changed in the way students are educated. I agree that students should not have to sit in rows and just listen to a teacher talk. I think that when students are in a class where a teacher just talks the whole time, they are less likely to pay attention and to learn. They are more likely to zone out and not absorb any of the information. This video talks about how students should not have to be in the same grade with the people their age. I disagree with that. I think that students the same age should be in the same grade, even though some are more advanced than others. In school students can be in different level classes and even take different types of classes which I think solves that problem. There definately needs to be change in schooling because as Ken said common knowledge in people deteriorates. This was proven with the paperclip experiment, asking how many different things it could be used for. The older they got, the less they could think of. In my opinion I think that schools need to do more hands on learning.

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