Monday, November 22, 2010

Should We Be Good at School?

I just read this blog by Tony Baldasaro. It talks about if being good at school has any relation to our futures. In some ways I do think being good at school can be beneficial to our future careers. Most people figure if you get good grades in school, then why wouldn't you be successful in the future. I also think that just because you were good at school does not neccesarily mean that you will be good at your career. I feel like schools have has the same routine for a long time. Students sit in assigned seats, listen to teachers talk, and go home and do homework assignments. In my opinion I don't think that really teaches us anything for our futures. Also, most schools do not educate students based on what career they would like to get into after high school. I think that being good at school is mostly irrelevant to being successful in our future careers.

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