Monday, November 15, 2010

A Student's View

I read the article A Students View about a high school freshman Katie who is not a fan of high school. Of course no one likes to wake up early everymorning and go to school five days a week, but I do believe it is worth it. Getting an education is so important. Katie says she hates school, it's boring and meaningless. I feel the exact opposite of that. I actually like going to school, yet some days I absolutely dread it, but for the most part it really isn't bad. Some classes can be boring but there is always going to be one or two classes that jist dont interest you. I disagree that school is meaningless. I think it is very important for everyones future. Education can help people get into college and eventually get a job later on. I do understand that a lot of people have the same feelings as Katie does about school, but I think at some point they will realize that school is not meaningless.

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